children's AND Youth Group

In addition to Godz-own on Sundays, we also have a Children's and Youth Group on Friday evenings at 7pm at Cornerstone Church's building.  Our aim is to help young people develop a close relationship with God and enjoy real friendships. 

Children or young people of any age are welcome.  The group currently ranges from 5 to 21 years old!  We start by chatting and singing some Christian songs together for 10-15 minutes, then we split up into groups. 

Children's Group

In the Children's group we have a Bible lesson, then we do some worksheets or puzzles, and some games or craft.  There are usually crisps and sweets involved!  Here are some photos to give you some idea of the kinds of things we do:

ActingBlindfold gamesDonkey


Teenagers Group

In the teenagers (or teenagers+) group, the person leading the group explains something from the Bible, or gives a Biblical perspective on a topical subject.  Then there is a time for discussion in smaller groups.  The purpose is to think about the Bible in a way that is real and relevant for the world which young people live in.

Afterwards, people chat or play games like table tennis.

DiscussionTable Tennis